New product introduction
BBIEN launches purity Cobalt wire
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BBIEN is pleased to announce the development of a special  Non-ferrous metal wire,purity Cobalt wire.
Physical feature as follow:
Cobalt wire, 99.95%cobalt wires, cobalt rod, cobalt bars, cobalt tube, cobalt powder
Purity: 99.95%
Size: Dia 0.2mm   Dia 0.3mm  Dia 0.5mm ;0.8mm, 1.0mm,2.0mm
Packing:500g/reel; 1kg/bobbin, 2kg/bobbion

It is used for abrasive resistance,  permanent magnet material, Heat resistant alloy, hard alloy, anticorrosive alloy, magnetic alloy and important raw materials of various kinds of cobalt salts
Chemical propertity:

Co:99.95          C: 0.005       S<0.001            Mn:0.00038             Fe:0.0049
Ni:0.002          Cu:0.005       As:<0.0003        Pb:0.001                 Zn:0.00083
Si<0.001         Cd:0.0003     Mg:0.00081        P<0.001                 Al<0.001
Sn<0.0003      Sb<0.0003     Bi<0.0003
Size:above 0.2mm

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