New product introduction
BBIEN Introduce Aluminum Silver(Ag-Al) alloy Wire

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BBIEN is an experienced and professional Chinese soldering and special metal alloy manufacturer,announce the release of many kinds of Aluminum Silver(Ag-Al) alloy Wire.
As we know, aluminum silver(Ag-Al) alloy wire is more difficult to produce than any other ordinary alloy wire.It is also not easy to successfully to finish producing,if technicians have not grasped the high technology of them.
Thanks to many years’ experience in special metal alloy industry,BBIEN has accumulated large amount of technique and experts, overcome a series of difficulty in smelting process, annealing control, wiredrawing, oxidation resistance.

For now,we are pleased to announced the release of Ag2Al98,Ag5Al95,Ag10Al90 and Ag98Al2,Ag95Al5,BBIEN become few of the supplies who can make aluminum-silver alloy wire.
Aluminum-Silver alloy wire:
Ag98Al5: 98%silver 2% aluminium
Ag95Al5: 95%silver 5% aluminium
Ag90Al10: 90%silver 10% aluminium
Ag80Al20: 80%silver 20% aluminium

Ag5Al95: 5% sliver 95%aluminium
Ag2Al92: 2% sliver 98%aluminium
Product advantage 
1.Even and bright soldering spot 
2.favorable diffusion & welding performance 
3.minimum spattering, small smoking & no pungent smell corrosion 
5.lowest and clear flux residue 
6.non-conductive, Good insulating properties 
Diameter available 
0.3mm~5mm (According to customer's requirements)  

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