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Price of rare earth NdFeB industry is stunned
Rare-earth prices soaring, triggering violent reactions downstream NdFeB industry. "We usually can deliver up to 20 days, but delivery orders have been discharged in July." Yesterday (April 25), Jiangxi Ganzhou a rare earth permanent magnet company said. "Daily News" reporter has learned along the way lines of rare-earth price, though for NdFeB processing enterprises had to cut due to cost pressures, loss of part of the foreign orders, but the domestic downstream manufacturers recently based on the "buy or not buy down" judge to increase a purchase order, let NdFeB companies stand to benefit.

However, prices of rare earth NdFeB risks of long-term development industry, has raised concern about the industry. Shanxi Magnetic Alliance Chairman Jinshu Sen said, "If the price of rare earth blindly go up, let the NdFeB industry faces reshuffle."

Inside and outside the "double day"
"As material prices up every day, today, tomorrow, the offer may not buy, a growing number of buyers decided to sell." Company sources said the Ganzhou.

"Who would have thought years ago, so prices will rise? Say there is no way the general reserves of raw materials, the amount of the year, other than the good performance of NdFeB, magnets production enterprises, especially listed companies, we do not purchase is not enough." Southern Rare Earth Enterprises, a large purchase official said.
Reporters found that the enthusiasm behind the procurement of NdFeB is rare earth lead to soaring prices,
downstream firms and traders to "buy or not buy up" the psychological effect.

Data show that cerium oxide highest price in 2007 less than 2 yuan / ton, the end of March this year, has risen to 115,000 yuan / ton; praseodymium oxide price of the end of March 2007 to 2.2 times the highest price; neodymium oxide the end of March the price of 63 yuan / ton, the highest point in 2007, 2.4 times.

NdFeB and domestic market, "prosperity" compared to the foreign market has suffered deserted. "Foreign order is a quarter of the shortest possible time, usually six months or so because of material prices have gone up too fast, foreign orders can not offer." Jinshu Sen said that material prices twice a month, a quarter of the variation is even greater, so foreign orders reduced.

Industry increased risk
NdFeB industry, industry risk, it also caused more concern.

"Now the problem is not enough goods, but the market stockpile too much, if prices suddenly fell down, there is the possibility of madness Paohuo." Industry insiders believe.

Jinshu Sen said recently, rare-earth prices rising too fast, "if the deviation from a reasonable range, manufacturers of NdFeB a great influence on foreign orders, if the blind will go up throughout the NdFeB industry faces reshuffle."
It is reported that China's mid-range neodymium iron boron-based products, mainly used for electric bike (power) motor vehicles, audio equipment, etc., the sales price has been low, profit improvement and cost reduction of the space is limited.

"If the rare earth raw material prices remain high-priced, medium and low impact on the downstream market will be huge, and even lead to downstream enterprises have ceased production and closed down." Jin Shusen that middle and low market is very likely to shrink, and this market accounts for nearly 50%.

Ganzhou Rare Earth, another processing company insiders also said: "Now skyrocketing price of rare earth blindly, to the market if the price is really difficult to accept a high degree, then a large number of downstream firms will stop."

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