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Two days, A shares fell once again the focal point on the earth, the State Council "to promote the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry, policy measures" stirred up the market concerned. Meeting the requirements of China's rare earth resources will implement more stringent policies to protect exploitation and environmental protection standards, reasonable, and the total annual export quota of rare earth mining.

For a long time, low-threshold access to the industry makes the rare earth industry pollution, but also exacerbated the industry chaos and disorder. In this policy, on the rare earth industry accounts for a significant improvement of the description length. Xiangcai Securities, said researcher Ye Xin, rare earth industry, the market access threshold has been looking forward point, linked to the recent Ministry of Environmental Protection emissions standards on the speech of rare earth industry, the industry is more a legal basis for regulation.

Data show that long-awaited "rare earth industry emission standards" after the review by the Department of Environmental Protection, has entered the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approval stage, but has not formally promulgated.

British researcher of the largest securities odd given that this meeting is to "tune supply, seeking the future." He said that currently, the domestic rare earth industry, a lot of chaos, to strengthen and improve sector management and carry out special rectification can adjust the rare earth rare earth supply, and industry consolidation could fall on the degree of concentration on the increase; accelerate critical applications of rare earth R & D and industrialization is the development of deep processing.

News from Shenzhen Bbien Technology Limited

Details on the file, the rare earth companies the opportunity to reflect on two aspects, one the industry's remediation efforts, the number of export quotas are related to the rare-earth price. If rectification is strong, export quotas to reduce the domestic price will be correspondingly rare earth, rare earth high prices will be sustained. Related to long-term resource-rich companies will benefit, such as Baotou Steel Rare Earth, Xiamen Tungsten, the color of shares, Rising colored, etc.; Second, exports of primary products to reduce the positive NdFeB processing export products, with industrial chain integration and under deep processing ability of the company will benefit, such as Zhong Ke San Huan, Ningbo Yunsheng and so on.

Secondary market shows a strong trend of rare earth stocks, Wednesday, Thursday, to colored and Taiyuangangyu Rising stocks represented good policy response to the market was up. "Securities Times" (This article Source: Han Net - Wuhan Morning News) Yongke Magnetic Website