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LME TAPOs Contract Specifications

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Contract code SN
Underlying metal Tin of 99.85% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 610:1996
Lot size 5 tonnes
Contract months Monthly out to 15 months
Underlying contract LME Tin futures - the average of the Cash prompts for each business day of the contract month
Price quotation US dollars per tonne
Clearable currencies US dollars
Option style Asian
Trading deadlines The business day preceding the declaration day of the relevant prompt month:
·         Last trading time - by 18.00
·         Last matching and registration - by 18.15
Declaration date/time Automatic declaration of in-the-money TAPOs at 15.00 on the last business day of the TAPO month
Minimum price fluctuation (tick size) $0.01 per tonne
Strike price interval $1
Exercise of option LCH.Clearnet auto exercise TAPOs. Exercise will result in two futures contracts, one at the strike price and the other at the Monthly Average Settlement Price (MASP). The effect is to generate a cash settlement which is settled on the second business day after the declaration day for the TAPO month
Settlement type Financial
Trading venues Ringinter-office telephone and LMEselect (as a hedged option only)
All contracts are subject to LME rules and regulations and LCH.Clearnet SPAN margining.
About BBIEN:
BBIEN is an experienced and professional Chinese soldering and special metal alloy manufacturer. We are specializing in research and development, production and selling of the soldering tin materials (solder wire, solder paste, solder bar/stick etc), related chemical products (liquid flux, rosin powder etc) and special metal alloy(Ag-Ni,Ag-Al,Ag-Cu,Zn-Cu,Sn-Bi,Sn-In,Ge Metal,In metal),permanent magnet. Our products are widely applicable to welding engineering of electron, communication, electric appliances, electric instruments and meters. Some important certificates of this line we have are ISO9001:2000, ISO9001:2008, SGS, RoHS etc . 

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